Yogi Berra was more than a player

Jan 29, 2024 610

BY: Alfonso Guerriero Jr.

The world seems more upside-down than usual. War in the Middle East and Ukraine engulfs our senses. In the United States, both political parties always appear on edge while the country struggles to find its international role, and our foes keep a watchful eye. These troubling times require an immediate escape and a semblance of order.

In my pursuit of sanity, I heard about It Ain’t Over. It is a Netflix documentary about New York Yankees catcher Lawrence Yogi Berra. The chronicle reminded me of the proverb, “Never meet your heroes,” for fear that most will fall short of our expectations. The film, narrated by his granddaughter Lindsay Berra, offers a glimpse of hope when meeting our idols. 

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SOURCE: https://italoamericano.org/

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