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We the Italians is a media company that helps everybody to share, promote, be informed and keep in touch with anything regarding Italy in general, and specifically Italy in the US.

Through our website, our social media communities, our newsletter, our magazine, our podcast and our book, we are the most complete network to ease and improve the relations between Italy and the US.

And we’re just getting started!


If you are an Italian American proud of your heritage, or just an American of another heritage who loves something Italian, we can inform you about Italy and what's Italian around you.

If you are an Italian American organization, cultural center or festival, we can give you a point of reference in the country you celebrate, and promote either in Italy and in the US what you do helping you increasing your numbers.

If you are an Italian company who wants to land in the US or improve your export, we can provide a new, innovative way to meet your American customers and promote your products in different occasions and markets.

If you are an Italian player in art, tourism, culture or education, interested in engaging the Italian American community, we can fill the gap with those interested in what you do.