Michele Ferrero's sweet intuition gone iconic: Nutella turns 60 years old

Apr 21, 2024 2000

60 years of history locked in a jar, Nutella has become a brand, not just a product. Nutella's 60 years celebrate the genius of Michele Ferrero, who invented the hazelnut and chocolate spread in 1964. For decades it was an almost unique proposition inside large-scale retail; today it has become a product category in its own right.

On April 20, 1964, the first jar of Nutella left the factory in Alba, Piedmont. On that day, the unmistakable gianduia cream made its debut, revolutionizing the spreadable cream market. Since then Nutella has conquered the palates of millions of people around the world, becoming an icon. The name "Nutella" comes from combining the English word "nut" (hazelnut) with the Italian suffix "-ella," creating a catchy name.

Nutella's success was immediate: in 1965 it was launched in Germany, achieving huge success, and the following year it was also introduced in France.

The 250-ml glass jars for the 200-gram format of Nutella can be found in almost every Italian household, becoming collector's items featuring multicolored images. After being emptied, the containers can be reused as household glasses.

Nutella is the world's most popular spreadable cream, and according to the OECD it represents an example of success in the global economy, with nine factories distributed around the world and ingredients from different parts of the planet. Nutella is sold in more than 160 countries. It is mainly used as an accompaniment to bread, cookies, cakes and fruit, but over the years numerous recipes have been developed that include it in cakes, pastries and crepes.

February 5 has become Nutella Day; it is celebrated worldwide on World Nutella Day. The occasion was established in 2007 by a U.S. blogger.

In 2021, on World Nutella Day, to celebrate Ferrero's 75th anniversary, a silver coin was issued by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, minted by the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, dedicated to Nutella and Ferrero.

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