'Cello Bar

Jul 17, 2018 2926

When life gave them lemons, the Pallini family didn't make lemonade — they made limoncello! Try the classic Italian liqueur and more at our pop-up 'Cello Bar from July 16 to 29 in La Piazza.

Since 1875, the Pallini family has been producing Limoncello, a natural liqueur traditionally made with prized organic Sfusato Amalfitano lemons and pure alcohol from molasses sugarbeets. First founded in Antrodoco, a town in Lazio, the family business relocated to the heart of Roma in 1922. Today, a new generation of the Pallini family is committed to offering only the freshest possible flavors while using sustainable and efficient methods.

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SOURCE: https://www.eataly.com

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