10 Italian Amari to Enjoy After Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 28, 2019 1371

BY: Taylor Tobin

Because Thanksgiving is a holiday completely dedicated to the act of eating a gigantic meal, it’s an excellent time to begin familiarizing yourself with the wonderful, stomach-soothing tradition of digestivi. Italian dinners often conclude with this final beverage course, starring a subset of bitter herbal liqueurs known as amari.

These flavorful quaffs pair beautifully with dessert courses (yep, including pumpkin pie), and many amaro drinkers also believe that these drinks help to ease the bloated, overly full feeling that makes so many of us desperate for a post-Thanksgiving nap. We asked a group of bartenders and beverage experts to recommend their favorite amari to sip after the Thanksgiving feast concludes, and they told us that these 10 versions are especially well-suited to that purpose.

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SOURCE: https://www.themanual.com/

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