Sylvester Stallone compares career to 'speeding train whipping by' that left him with no time for anything else

Jul 02, 2023 1076

BY: Shreeja Das

Sylvester Stallone, in an emotional trailer for his upcoming Netflix documentary, 'Sly',, the legendary actor known for his iconic role as Rocky Balboa, reflects on his 50-year career and the regrets that haunt him. The teaser begins with Stallone expressing his regrets, stating, "Do I have regrets? Hell yeah, I have regrets.” 

He contemplates whether it is healthier to live under the illusion of potential greatness or to have the opportunity for greatness and then realize one's own failures. Comparing his career to a speeding train, he emphasizes the fleeting nature of life, saying, “That’s what your life is — whipping by. It’s gone' as the camera shows scripts for Rocky and Creed”.

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