Alto Adige spreads its roots in the US market

Mar 29, 2024 1020

Alto Adige Wines continues its Digging Deeper Roots campaign in the US market through comprehensive and thoughtful trade and media initiatives. Launched in 2023, the program enhances this Italian region's reach, awareness and understanding with key target audiences. It is led by the region's agency of record, Teuwen, an Evins Communications Company.

Core to the campaign are the Alto Adige Wines Ambassadors, who share a mission to educate and engage industry peers, and spread the word, knowledge, and love for the region's wines in the US. For 2024, two new Ambassadors join Chris Struck (New York, NY) and Tiffany Tobey (Dallas, TX): Allison Bremer (San Francisco, CA); Torrence O'Haire (Chicago, IL).

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SOURCE: Alto Adige Wines

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