Pasta, power dining and gorgeous views: Panevino looks back on 20 years

Mar 30, 2023 248

Even in Las Vegas, a city of visually striking restaurants, Panevino Italian Grille cuts a bella figura. There are the 15-foot triangular panes of glass, interlocked at a 15-degree incline to form a sinuous expanse of window framing views of the airport and the Strip. A stacked cornice flows above the glass. Ivy mantles swatches of the exterior, and a trio of pines soars in the circular courtyard entrance.

Inside, Panevino encompasses 24,000 square feet, with lofty 15-foot ceilings; clusters of amber teardrop fixtures; lounges convening marble, dark wood and leather; an owner’s dining room with fireplace and private bath; a mega-booth (big enough to play table tennis) for large parties; and a wrought iron screen — a profusion of grapes and tendrils — partitioning the dining room from a kitchen capacious enough to feed a cruise ship.

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