Where to Enjoy the Iconic Muffuletta Sandwich in New Orleans

Nov 23, 2023 963

BY: Jan Busalacchi

The Muffuletta, born in New Orleans, is a massive sandwich overstuffed with simple ingredients, but it will forever deliver a big flavor. It is prepared on a 9-inch round Italian loaf of sesame bread, typically made fresh from one of two local bakeries. The sandwich is layered with marinated olive salad and piled high with thinly sliced Italian meats and cheeses, creating the ultimate sandwich experience.

Locals agree and disagree on many issues when it comes to the city’s beloved Muffuletta. Some of the arguments include whether the sandwich should be served hot or cold, the spelling of its name, and the details of how the Muffuletta originated. One thing that we can all agree on is that the Muffuletta is one of the most popular, delicious sandwiches ever created!

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SOURCE: https://appetitomagazine.com

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