Where to get fresh struffoli on Long Island for Christmas

Dec 23, 2023 1084

BY: Dana Lostritto

Is it even Christmas in Italian households, and most especially Naples, without struffoli on the table? Those delectable, golden, fried balls of dough perfectly coated in honey and crowned with sprinkles represent a time honored tradition and family heritage for so many Italians, including myself.

After making, kneading, rolling, cutting and frying over 20 pounds of dough in my own kitchen this month, I was inspired to find bakeries on Long Island that could do the job for you. The following establishments, all drawing on family recipes passed down through generations, will not disappoint. Don’t wait on getting your own plate of struffoli though. This is a seasonal treat and as soon as the holidays are over, you will be out of luck until next December. 

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SOURCE: https://greaterlongisland.com

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