Laura Maioglio’s Barbetta: A Century of Culinary Heritage on Hell’s Kitchen’s Restaurant Row

Apr 18, 2024 179

BY: Denice Flores Almendares

It’s been on W46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues for almost a century — long before the phrase “Restaurant Row” had ever been invented — and even today, Barbetta stands as a timeless testament to culinary excellence and enduring tradition.

The iconic restaurant was established in 1906 on W39th Street by Sebastian Maioglio, who hailed from Fubine in Piedmont, Italy, and is now the oldest restaurant in New York still owned by its founding family. Barbetta moved to W46th Street in 1925 and today, Laura Maioglio, Sebastian’s daughter, is at the helm and takes the job very seriously.

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