The top 7 Italian pastries of all time, ranked — and where to get them in North Jersey

Mar 30, 2024 728

BY: Kara Vandooijeweert

St. Joseph's Day was on Tuesday, March 19 — so, oops! Looks like I missed it. A feast celebration held in honor of Jesus's earthly dad Joseph (husband of Mary), the occasion always falls during Lent, thus allowing Christians — for a day — to break their holy fasts, sing the Gloria and indulge in a deep-fried St. Joseph's zeppole.

But, here's the thing; if you're anything like me? You don't need a special occasion to crush a cream-stuffed St. Joseph's pastry. Or, for that matter, any Italian pastry. In New Jersey, Italian bakeries are as common as forgetting to celebrate St. Joseph's Day. So, if you also missed out on the biblical figure's commemorative feast, read on. After all, there's another holiday coming up Sunday, and it's a big one: Easter.

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