Porta in Montclair is more than pizza

Feb 12, 2024 572

BY: Cora Berke

Reading their menu is the first temptation. When you think of pizza, you think of either red or white, but at Porta’s in Montclair you can have pizza named “Lars and the Real Girl,” “Rita & Mack,” “The Lost Daughter,” or “Love & Mercy,” all as unique as their names. Culinary Director Fredrica del Valle said “Lars and the Real Girl” was named after the lifelike doll “Bianca” in the movie. “Bianca” means white in Italian; “Lars and the Real Girl” is a white pizza with three cheese toppings.

Porta Montclair was opened in February 2022, becoming the third location, following Asbury Park and Jersey City. Their name was taken from an old Italian proverb, and they strive to carry on the tradition of creating family by sharing food at a table.

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SOURCE: https://outinjersey.net/

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