Maria Manetti Shrem Champions Festival Napa Valley with $3 Million Challenge

Nov 10, 2023 682

Festival Napa Valley has announced the Manetti Shrem Challenge, a $3 million matching gift from longtime benefactor Maria Manetti Shrem. Designed to inspire new giving, the Manetti Shrem Challenge will act as a catalyst for accelerating the growth of Festival Napa Valley's year-round programming, educational initiatives, and scholarship programs.

"I believe the art of living is the art of giving," said Maria Manetti Shrem in announcing the gift. "Festival Napa Valley embodies the best of art's potential to transform lives and create positive change. By presenting this challenge, I hope to inspire the next generation of philanthropists to join me in supporting this wonderful organization, ensuring the future of the arts in Napa Valley and beyond."

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SOURCE: Festival Napa Valley

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