Italian Trade Commission Exports New Businesses And Products To The United States By Focusing On A New Director And Geographical Diversification

Feb 23, 2020 157

BY: Joseph DeAcetis

The excellence is menswear has become harder to discern. These days, branding has become all-powerful. In fact, men, ever more than women, have adopted brands seeking quality and style. Faced with an indigestible number of choices, the American male consumer often retreats to the safety net of a familiar brand name. Henceforth, the message must be very clear when a foreign fashion group enters into the USA marketplace.

All too often, I witness advertising and communications obfuscate the branding message. Foreign brands quite often play on their longevity in the marketplace while local brands emphasize nationality, even though neither has anything to do with quality. Combine that will ill-trained sales staff (sorry, but not) and the rise of internet shopping, an understanding quality in menswear has never been more difficult. 

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