'Ducale' by KREOO to Be Featured at Studium Showroom New York, NY

Nov 26, 2015 3396

NYC tile and surfaces showroom STUDIUM will be offering "Ducale" by KREOO (USA), a luxury artisanal tile collection uniting marble in breathtaking new ways, streamlining design and pushing forward architectural innovation. For centuries, Italian artisans have handcrafted marble insets by hand, creating unique pieces of art. Therefore, following tradition, Kreoo fuses Italian tradition with architectural modernity.

The Ducale collection showcases the marriage of these styles as marble inlays transcend beauty set beautifully alongside Brass, Murano Glass, and Gold Leaf. Paying tribute the rich heritage of the Italian masters, the Ducale collection exudes elegance and versatility of design. The playfully simple details of handmade insets create unique patterns that machine-set inlays lack.

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Source: http://www.marketwired.com/

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