ITA Airways, a sky full of Italy lands in North America

Sep 27, 2023 720

ITA Airways launches new marketing campaign in North America. Starting today on air in San Francisco and Los Angeles, to be followed by Boston, Washington, Miami and New York. ITA Airways presented its new marketing campaign "A Sky full of Italy" in the Consulate General of Italy in New York, in the presence of Fabrizio Di Michele, Consul General of Italy, Giovanni Perosino, ITA Airways Chief Marketing Officer, and Massimo Allegri, ITA Airways Regional Manager Americas.

Consul General Fabrizio Di Michele said, "We are pleased to host the presentation of ITA Airways' new marketing campaign. Its direct connections with the United States are important because they bring America even closer to Italy and allow us to strengthen not only tourist flows, but also economic, cultural and people-to-people relations between our two countries."

The focus of the new campaign is to show how one can already find on board ITA Airways what people are looking for when they think of Italy, thus immediately providing an extraordinary "very Italian" experience to customers even before they land.

The starting point was to intercept what people search for when they think of Italy, and this was possible thanks to the support of Google, which shared key Google Search Trends insights related to the Bel Paese from around the world and particularly from the United States.

The "search bar," an iconic symbol universally recognized as the place where people look for information, becomes a key creative element of the entire campaign. Passengers can therefore find on board ITA Airways aircraft "the Italy they are looking for, before they even touch the ground," whether it be food, style or design, and enjoy the full Italian experience, discovering Italy even before they land. This concept is also expressed in the new payoff "A Sky full of Italy," launched with the new campaign.

The campaign kicked off on September 26 in San Francisco and Los Angeles, where it will be on air for about a month. From Sept. 28 it will debut in Boston and Washington and will continue from Oct. 5 in New York and Miami.

"A Sky full of Italy" will be visible on major streaming television platforms and will be broadcast on digital billboards in key areas of Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Miami, on fully customized buses in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, on a boat with a digital screen in Miami, and through a significant digital and online presence in all cities.

With 6 destinations in North America-New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, and the recent Washington and San Francisco-the United States is the top international market for ITA Airways and the most strategic after Italy, as well as the country with the largest number of citizens of Italian descent. Direct flights from North America to Italy meet the demand of both business and leisure customers, and are, in addition, key "bridges" connecting the large Italian community in the United States with the country of origin.

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