We The Italians | Italian gardens and parks: Renon Plateau

Italian gardens and parks: Renon Plateau

Italian gardens and parks: Renon Plateau

  • WTI Magazine #171 Jan 20, 2024
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Considered a wonderful mountain area, it is connected to the capital of Trentino by a long cable car; an electric train departs from Collalbo to Maria Assunta, allowing tourists and visitors to enjoy wonderful views of the surrounding nature.

The uniqueness of the Ritten Plateau is due to its open location on all fronts and its landscape: grassy and wooded slopes characteristic of the Eisack and Etsch valleys above which rise the majestic Dolomite peaks with glaciers.

A destination for pleasant stays for families, as well as for mountain enthusiasts thanks to a varied offer suitable for almost everyone. Within it one can find easily passable trails as well as a particularly significant attraction: the characteristic earth pyramids, geological formations topped by a boulder, created as a result of erosion by atmospheric factors. The formation of the long vertical columns also known as "pyramids" and the boulder placed at their end called the "cap" date back as far as the Ice Age.

The Renon cable car, which opened in 2009, makes it possible to reach the plateau from the city of Bolzano in just 12 minutes; departures are every 4 minutes and it is even possible to transport bicycles and strollers inside.

Also located at an elevation of 1,176 m. is a small alpine lake, Lake Costalovara, a tourist destination during both the summer and winter seasons, when its waters freeze over and it turns into a skating rink.