Traveling Italian water circus comes to Savannah

Dec 03, 2021 324

BY: Angel Colquitt

The first and only traveling Italian water circus in the United States has rolled into Savannah for the weekend. Cirque Italia is performing its new show for 2021 on Thursday through Sunday in the parking lot across from the Macy’s at Oglethorpe Mall. Attendees will enter the big blue and white ten to see a pirate adventure show about the Ringmaster “Clown Rafinha” who goes on a journey to find buried treasure.

Majorie Rosenthal, the media representative for Cirque Italia Silver, said she loves the show. She has been working for Cirque Italia for three years. “You’ll never see a circus like this,” said Rosenthal. What’s so interesting about Cirque Italia? It’s an animal-free circus featuring a 35,000-gallon water tank.

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