In Scena!, Italian theatre conquers New York

May 22, 2015 879

Italian theatre took centre stage in New York for two weeks, with eight productions, together with special events, lectures and seminars. The third edition, of the "In Scena!" festival brought Italian shows to all five boroughs of the Big Apple. The bill included, "Angiulina The Mule", "Broken Dances - in Pasolini's Bubble", "Chez Dimi"," Cingomma"," Ninette and the others", "Taddrarite - Bats"," Viola di Mare", and "Webulli".

The festival was inaugurated with a tribute night to Pasolini on the 40th anniversary of his death. The special events included a conference on international theatre in New York, a meeting between Italian artists and emerging writers of the South Bronx community and the presentation of the work that won the 2015 Mario Fratti Prize, "Mater Familias" by Pier Lorenzo Pisano.

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