Eduardo De Filippo, the Great Neapolitan Playwright, at Casa Italiana-NYU

Apr 03, 2024 976

On the 40th anniversary of Eduardo De Filippo’s death, the life and career of one of the most important actors and playwrights in Italy will be told in two parts at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò. The first part on April 8, at 5 pm, will focus on the beginnings: the family he was born in, the work with his sister Titina and his brother Peppino, and the other artists they worked and were friends with.

The second part on April 22 will focus on Eduardo’s solo career as a playwright, actor, head of a theater company, as well as on his legacy. The two lectures are part of On the Italian Stage, a series of encounters conceived and led by Laura Caparrotti (Artistic Director, Kairos Italy Theater) that journeys into the history of Italian theater to explore its language, and its contribution to Italian society and world theater.

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