Italian Packer fan's book celebrates Green Bay's "Il Vincente"

Sep 20, 2015 1152

by Bobby Tanzilo

We love to think of the Green Bay Packers as America's team (suck it, Dallas), but it becomes clearer and clearer that the Pack may actually be the world's team when it comes to American football. In spring, I saw a guy clad in green and gold atop the Great Wall of China and, now, a friend in Italy, Fausto Batella, has penned a book about Packers legend Vince Lombardi (fun fact: Lombardi was born around the corner from me. Or vice versa since he was already in Green Bay when I emerged).

The slim volume, called "Il Vincente" – a play on the Italian spelling of Vincent and "vincente," which means "winning" – is in Italian, of course, having been published in Italy in spring by Campi di Carta. The book – one of numerous that Batella has written about football – offers a brief bio of the most storied coach in all of football, perhaps in all of American sport, and also explores the the Umbria's Vince Lombardi Stadium, which is legendary in the world of "Spaghetti football" – American football in Italy, that is. There are numerous illustrations, too.

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