Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition Calls on Sponsors of “The Godfather of Pittsburgh” to Stop Funding Series that Stereotype and Denigrate Italian Americans

Nov 22, 2014 928

The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition ("IAOVC") has denounced A&E's latest and most disgraceful "reality" series to date: "The Godfather of Pittsburgh," and called on the show's sponsors to cease and desist their sponsorship.

Dr. Manny Alfano, President and Founder of IAOVC stated emphatically: "This show is a disgrace and insult to all Italian Americans. It perpetuates a negative stereotype to the worst degree possible." He further stated "The show is without merit or any redeeming qualities; it does not represent the millions of law abiding, decent Americans of Italian descent who have every right to be proud of a rich cultural heritage and the many contributions their families have made to this country."

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