Masks, Slapstick, and Improv: 500 Years of Commedia dell’Arte

Feb 18, 2023 453

Saturday, Feb 25, 2023, 12:00 PM PST - Online. Chicago's premier Commedia dell'Arte company, Laughing Stock Theatre, is here to talk about the history of the great Italian Commedia, demonstrate some of its characters, tropes, and its relevance to modern theatre, television, and cinema. This hour will combine a traditional lecture with short lazzi and scenes to keep you laughing and learning.

The hour will conclude with a question and answer session with Laughing Stock's Executive Director, Artistic Director, and Lead Producer. You will also get discounted access to stream 2 of their shows recorded live and in person in 2022, "Over My Dead Body; Or, How to Distribute Generational Wealth," and "The Masquerade; Or, Love is Queer to Stay." The lecture will be recorded and will be available to all those who sign up.

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SOURCE: Italian Cultural Center of San Diego

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