Italian tenor on a mission to unite cultures

Feb 12, 2020 1793

BY: Ann Marie Amante

Rosario Monetti is an Italian Tenor who is committed to bringing the cultures of Italy and America together. His is a story of perseverance and a determination to succeed in the competitive world of opera and classical music.

Ten years after he left his homeland of Italy, Rosario has been embraced fully in the United States as a true patriot and a champion of the arts. He was born in Naples and studied music and singing there. San Diego became his home quite by accident after he visited the city in 2009, it was love at first sight and the rest as they say is history.

Today Rosario is the Music Director of the "San Diego Italian Music Festival". He is also the Music Director of the "Convivio Italian Heritage Association" and is responsible for organizing the concert and event calendar for the entire year.

Rosario's calm and soothing demeanor has won him many friends and his personality is evident off an on the stage. From Caruso to Nessun dorma, his powerful voice captivates audiences wherever he goes.

Rosario talks about some of the singers who have influenced him over the years- "I think the one that influenced me the most as a singer has been Mario Lanza who was an inspiration to many singers. Also, when I was a teenager, I used to sing Italian and international pop and I remember that I loved to listen to Tom Jones, my dad used to listen to him all the time so I think he influenced me as well".

Rosario speaks fondly of his childhood in Italy and says the memories of his those years he spent with his family will live in his heart forever-" In my house there was music all the time. The radio used to play music all day long so it was a complete musical immersion for me.My mom was also a great singer, she was a soprano but never moved forward with her professional career because at the time she opted for family. My dad also had a good voice, very strong and powerful".

He reminisces about life in Naples as a child- "I was born and raised in a time where we didn't have electronic gadgets like we do today. There was no iPhone, no tablet and no social media. Everything that we did was real".

Rosario went on to study music and opera singing, first with international opera singer, tenor Marcello Ferraresi, then he continued his studies under the guidance of soprano Sandra Lepore from the Conservatory of Music S. Pietro a Majella in Naples.

In 2000 his study continued under the supervision of the tenor and pianist and Music Director of the Conservatory of music, Giovanni da Palestrina in Cagliari. He also studied and perfected his singing technique with world renowned Soprano, Katia Ricciarelli in Tuscany.

He has performed as a soloist and member of an accapella choir of Musica Antica for several years all over Italy and Europe.

So what's next for the talented tenor? Other than practice, practice and more practice, he is working on putting together a concert in San Diego with a twenty- five piece orchestra. This will be in collaboration with an acclaimed orchestra director and music arranger who has arranged and directed music for Andrea Bocelli and many other famous Italian singers. As well he is getting read to perform in Sicily as a guest singer for an archaeological and wine tour.

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