‘Music and the Cities’ podcast

Aug 19, 2021 1356

"When the silence in the streets may seem deafening, music continues to dictate trends and shape the cultural, social and political fabric of the cities it inhabits and of the people gravitating in this ever-changing world.” This condition of continuous change provides the basis for the Music & The Cities podcast, putting music at the heart of each story. Raffaele Costantino, radio host, popularizer and music producer, takes us on a journey from north to south, through musical pieces from Italy’s main citiesRome, Milan, Turin, Bologna – UNESCO Creative City for Music , Naples, Lecce and Palermo.

The Music & The Cities series narrates the musical history of Italian cities, highlighting their relationship with contemporary creative ferment, identifying future trends. From lounges to nightclubs, from city centres to the suburbs, from day to night: leading players from the different scenarios use field recordings to tell their stories and describe the sound of the city and the voices of the streets that populate them.

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SOURCE: https://italiana.esteri.it

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