“Limito” combines “land art” and viticulture to become the largest vineyard-labyrinth in the world

May 07, 2024 294

The labyrinth has always been the symbol of man’s intricate journey through life, having a more or less religious value. In the Renaissance it became a must have ornament and an amusing pastime in the gardens and palaces of the noble and wealthy families. And now, it will become a work of “land art” in the vineyards of Lazio.

The “Limito” project, announced as “the largest vineyard-labyrinth in the world”, will be presented on June 6th in Marco Carpineti’s Tenuta Antoniana, in the municipalities of Bassiano, Sezze and Sermoneta. The setting is a natural paradise, made up of forests, lakes and, on the plateau, the company’s Bellone, Abbuoto and Nero Buono vineyards. A three-hectare portion of the vineyard “has been completely redesigned in the heart of this unique natural setting to give life to a true work of design, “Limito”.

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SOURCE: https://winenews.it/

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