‘Christ Stopped at Eboli’: An Italian Saga Returns in Full

Apr 04, 2019 2156

BY: J. Hoberman

Carlo Levi’s memoir, “Christ Stopped at Eboli,” was a literary sensation in post-Fascist Italy. First published in 1945, the book is Levi’s memorable account of life among impoverished Italian villagers in the 1930s. Three decades later, an immersive and engaging film adaptation directed by Francesco Rosi enshrined the book’s underlying neorealist credo — giving voice to the voiceless.

Originally made for Italian television as a 220-minute mini-series, Rosi’s “Christ Stopped at Eboli” was shown in the United States in 1980 at approximately half its length and under the title “Eboli.” Considering the significance of the book and the stature of the director, the American theatrical premiere of the full version, now at Film Forum, is an event.

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SOURCE: https://www.nytimes.com/

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