'America: Promised Land' reveals how immigrants made the country great

May 31, 2017 2821

BY: Paulette Cohn

The subject of immigration has always been a hot political topic in the United States. The DNA of our nation is comprised of people from many different lands, many who have fought and died to make this country great. In their honor this Memorial Day, HISTORY is taking a journey back to the inception of the United States in the new, two-day, four-part docudrama "America: Promised Land," which tells the stories of the everyday heroes who helped transform this great nation.

"One of the things I find inspiring is that when you look at this special, you realize the great things that our ancestors accomplished," Mike Stiller, VP Development & Programming, HISTORY and executive producer of "America: Promised Land," told Fox News. "If you’re Dutch, who knew that you saved New York City? If you’re German, you were 10 percent of the Union Army and you helped keep the union together during the Revolutionary War."

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SOURCE: http://www.foxnews.com

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