1,600-Year-Old Illuminated Manuscript of the Aeneid Digitized & Put Online by The Vatican

Jul 26, 2016 1506

It's fair to say that every period which has celebrated the literature of antiquity has held epic Roman poet Virgil in extremely high regard, and that was never more the case than during the early Christian and medieval eras. Born in 70 B.C.—writes Clyde Pharr in the introduction to his scholarly Latin text—"Vergil was ardently admired even in his own day, and his fame continued to increase with the passing centuries.

Under the later Roman Empire the reverence for his works reached the point where the Sortes Virgilianae came into vogue; that is, the Aeneid was opened at random, and the first line on which the eyes fell was taken as an omen of good or evil."

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Source: http://www.openculture.com/

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