Confirmed: The Body of St. Maria Goretti Will Soon Be Brought to the U.S.

Aug 21, 2015 1282

by Joseph Pronechen

It's been confirmed. The body — the major relics — of St. Maria Goretti, beloved by countless millions, is heading to the United States. When she arrives from Italy, the first public appearance will be on Sept. 21 at Sacred Heart Basilica in Newark, N.J. — public because she will initially be visiting a prison before that. As of the latest scheduling she will tour through 25 Catholic dioceses spanning 18 states in parishes, schools, and prisons, including New York, Boston, Newark, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, and Oklahoma City.

Why the tour at this time? Maria Goretti is the Patroness of Mercy. This tour will be known officially as the Pilgrimage of Mercy. Very clearly, it is purposely a forerunner to the Holy Year of Mercy that Pope Francis declared to begin on Dec. 8.

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