Torino work with their fans to resurrect their old home and honour their greats

Jan 24, 2016 418

By Chloe Beresford

Walking down Via Filadelfia, in the Lingotto district of Turin, eventually leads to the Stadio Olimpico, home of Torino FC. Along the way is a building site in a residential area, which on first glance could be mistaken for any ordinary urban regeneration project. It is only on closer inspection that you can see some eerie looking parts of an old concrete football stand. The graffiti scribbled along one wall that reads "Vecchio Cuore Granata" provides a hint of the building site's significance.

After being closed in 1963 and all but demolished in 1998, the Stadio Filadelfia is being redeveloped after numerous failed attempts. This is no ordinary undertaking, as the crumbling old ground is, as the poignant street art says, home to the old heart of this once dominant club. To this day it still carries a unique history that is deeply embedded in the soul of anyone who ever cheered for Torino.

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