Sardinia and Its Ever-Intriguing Wines

Jul 15, 2021 266

BY: alentina Vercelli

The wines of Sardinia are just as intriguing as the island's food. Recent studies have highlighted how Cannonau, the most popular regional red, is one of the Mediterranean's oldest grape varieties. When it comes to the island's most famous grape, Vermentino – a white varietal that's widespread throughout the island –  gives Cannonau a run for its money. The best Vermentino is found in Gallura, where it's protected by the DOCG. 

Other native vines have been recovered and often vinified in purity with surprising results, such as Carignano del Sulcis, which makes warm Mediterranean reds; Monica, which is known for intense, fruity, and savory wines; and Bovale which produces full-bodied wines. 

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