Sandal in the Mediterranean: Why you should visit Sardinia

Sep 08, 2017 641

BY: Alex Macbeth

Tired of mainland Italy? Why not try a tour of Sardinia, land of moonscapes, beach paradises and street art villages. Sardinia is more than an island. The name alone conjures up legends and myths, like Zanzibar or Timbuktu; a land shrouded in mystery that inspires images of slow-grazing sheep, Robin Hoods and dusty roads.

This sandal, as the Greeks denominated it due to its shoe-like shape at the heart of the Mediterranean, is one of Europe’s best-hidden treasures. Sardinia has shaded itself from the destructive collateral of tourism with its proud and deep-rooted culture. Not even the onslaught of EasyJet, Ryanair and a daily fleet of commercial ferries sailing to the four corners of the island have ruined the people’s innate rhythm of life.

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