This Rome atelier is behind many an Oscar for costume design. Will ‘Napoleon’ be next?

Mar 06, 2024 916

BY: Silvia Stellacci

For nearly six decades, the Tirelli atelier in Rome has woven itself into the fabric of Italian and international film history, earning the nickname the “Oscar tailor’s shop” for its contribution to cinematic costume design. Established in November 1964 by the late Umberto Tirelli, the shop has been behind 17 Academy Awards for best costume design.

Most recently, its artisans collaborated with Janty Yates and Dave Crossman to create the costumes for Ridley Scott’s epic “Napoleon.” The Hollywood designers were nominated for an Oscar that will be decided at this weekend’s Academy Awards. “Maybe it will win! Let’s add another medal to the medal collection,” the shop’s current head, Dino Trappetti, said in an interview. 

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