The labyrinth of Trauttmansdorff Castle: a green maze at the foot of the Alps

Apr 30, 2024 216

The labyrinth, it is known, is a symbol rich in meaning and suggestion, a journey both physical and metaphorical through the depths of the human soul.This is also the case in Merano, where since 2001 the local Trauttmansdorff Castle has been home to an elegant yew hedge labyrinth that embodies the complexity but also the fun associated with this ancient symbol.

The labyrinth, with its inherent complexity and mystery, can also become a pressing topical issue especially as it evokes the indecipherabilities and fragilities of our time. Its meaning, widely discussed and interpreted across modern languages and cultures, manifests itself through a variety of important synonyms and reflects its enigmatic and ambivalent nature by becoming both a symbol of journey and path, as well as a space of bewilderment and inner search, and by ceaselessly continuing to stimulate profound reflections on human essence and the challenges of existence.

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