The Italian Destination That Should Be On Every Art Lover's Bucket List

Sep 01, 2023 339

BY: Shelly Abramovich

Surely you've heard of Venice — gondolas swimming about narrow canals, jaw-dropping Renaissance palaces, and unforgettable beauty literally everywhere you turn your head. Venice is a place to behold. But have you heard of Murano? Once a humble fishing port, Murano is a chain of seven islands linked by bridges with about 5,000 residents, just a mile north of Venice.

Perhaps you're familiar with Venetian glass. That term should actually stand corrected, because Venetian glass is made in Murano — the center of European glassmaking since the 13th century. For art lovers seeking a unique and enchanting experience in Italy, a visit to the Murano Glass Factory is an absolute must, especially if you are already in Venice.

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