I Spent the Summer in the Most Beautiful Mountains in the World – Here’s What I Learned

Aug 26, 2022 424

BY: Mariana Barbuceanu

The Dolomites are a group of mountains in northeastern Italy, and they rank as some of the most stunning mountain ranges in the world, up there with Patagonia, the Rockies, and the Swiss Alps. Unsurprisingly, UNESCO proclaimed the Dolomites as one of the world's most attractive mountain landscapes. The Dolomites in Italy are known for their dramatic peaks, picturesque villages, and world-class skiing.

The air is clean and crisp, and there is a sense of peace and stillness here that can't be found in a city. So Why Are the Dolomites Often Overlooked? First is the difficulty. People think these mountains are too difficult to hike. And to be fair, if you look at the google pictures to judge, it is easy to see why. The second is world geography. People don't know where they are and therefore have a misguided perception that they are challenging to get to. 

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