How Italian Fashion Changed The World – One Notice-Me Moment At A Time

Mar 25, 2020 744


“Could you imagine American Gigolo without the Armani costumes? What would the devil wear if it were not Prada? How could you listen to your fave old school Hip Hop without having Moschino and Gucci name-checked in the lyrics?!” Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott is talking about what Italian fashion has brought to the world, and one thing is for sure – it doesn’t stop there.

Maybe you picture Audrey Hepburn’s Fifties ensembles in A Roman Holiday, Anita Ekberg’s voluptuous gown in the Trevi Fountains in La Dolce Vita, or Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ischian wardrobe in The Talented Mr Ripley. What about the immaculately dressed nonnas at early morning markets and the impeccably pressed cool crowd after dark? Versace’s Medusa head and Valentino Red? 

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