Forbes and the ranking of billionaires: in Serie A, the richest president is Italian American Rocco Commisso

Apr 05, 2024 1507

Forbes magazine, as every year, has compiled its ranking of the richest men in Italy, and several sports personalities are also found. First up is fashion designer Giorgio Armani, owner of Milan's basketball team, Olimpia, whose $11.3 billion in assets ranks on the national podium behind Giovanni Ferrero and Andrea Pignataro.

In the world of soccer: Robert and Michael Hartono, owners of Como, a team playing in the Italian Serie B this year, are in eighth and tenth place with $26.5 billion and $25.5 billion, respectively. Then Rocco Commisso (Fiorentina, 8 billion) ranks first among Serie A presidents and overtakes American Dan Friedkin (Roma, 6.4) and Canadian Joey Saputo (Bologna, 4.3) in a sort of domestic North American derby in our soccer.

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