Extra-virgin Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Umbria olive oil

Jun 07, 2019 208

The olive tree stands out among the green hills of Umbria. It's a plant that in many ways represents Umbria, a land capable of preserving centuries-old traditions with love. The tasty PDO Umbria extra-virgin olive oil can best represent the regional gastronomy, rich in poor dishes in which the olive oil, as a "raw" or base for the preparation, holds the role of primary actor.

Umbria is the first Italian region to have obtained the recognition of PDO throughout the region. The PDO Umbria designation is accompanied by five geographical indications identifying five sub-areas where the oil may be produced: Assisi Spoleto Hills, Martani Hills, Amelia Hills, Orvieto Hills, Trasimeno Hills, which must be included in the oil's labelling.

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SOURCE: https://www.umbriatourism.it/

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