Beautiful stories never end! Forza Azzurri!

Jul 11, 2021 334

Today is July 11, and today the Italian national soccer team will play the final of the European Championships. 39 years ago, on July 11, 1982, the Italian national soccer team played and won the World Cup. This is the letter that the champions of that time wrote to the champions of today. The numbers are those of the 1982 jerseys. When there are two names it is because the champion of that time is no longer with us, and in this case the letter is signed by his wife or one of his children.


Azzurri, in these weeks we have seen in you so much of us and of our history, both sporting and human. In your courage, in your passion, in your sense of belonging, in your forward momentum after a difficult period, we have found ourselves.

Beautiful stories are never forgotten because they never end; they become emotions that remain over time, memories that grow stronger, passing from heart to heart, from memory to memory. It will be the same for you. However it goes.

Thank you for having made us relive all this, for having made us feel, once again young and fearless and for having demonstrated that inside every Italian there is a deep, great, and often unpredictable strength, that in difficult moments explodes and makes possible even those enterprises that do not seem so.

Always dare, dream of the future you can build.

And now go to London, get on that field and give your best as you have always done... beautiful stories never end!

Come on guys!

1 Dino, 2 Franco, 3 Beppe, 4 Antonio, 5 Fulvio, 6 Claudio, 7 Gaetano-Mariella, 8 Pietro, 9 Giancarlo, 10 Beppe, 11 Gian Piero, 12 Ivano, 13 Lele, 14 Marco, 15 Franco, 16 Bruno, 17 Daniele, 18 Alessandro, 19 Ciccio, 20 Paolo-Federica, 21 Franco, 22 Giovanni, Coach Enzo-Cinzia, Assistant coach Cesare-Paolo

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