Art cities were Easter’s top destinations, Naples scores a record growth

Apr 18, 2017 425

BY: Francesco Prisco

Italy’s tourist industry fared quite well at Easter, and especially art cities were the undisputed queens of the holiday. They were able to attract the most sizeable number of visitors during the Holy Week. Let’s start with the numbers: according to Federalberghi between Thursday and Easter Monday 2.9 million travellers out of 10 million chose archeological, artistic and architectural attractions, up 7.4% with respect to Easter 2016.

Also Federturismo’s President Gianfranco Battisti agrees that cultural tourism is “a backbone of Italian economy: in the last few years art cities saw visitors grow 11% and almost one every three tourists visits them. What’s more, they are top destinations among foreigners, who tend to spend daily 25% more than average tourists.”

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