10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Italy

Jun 25, 2018 3197

It may be smaller than California in terms of size, but Italy is big in almost all things that matter: food, coffee, art and literature, fashion, beautiful people, and fabulous cars.  The Italians certainly know pleasure and have undoubtedly mastered living the sweet life (La Dolce Vita) and the sweetness of doing nothing (Il Dolce Far Niente).  Its language is a lyrical tune that even swearing and cussing sound really good.

I fell in love with Italy the first time I set eyes on it.  Amore a prima vista (Love at first sight).  I have been to Italy several times but every time is like the first time.  Like a lover, it takes me into its arms, leaves me breathless, and wanting for more.  Italy speaks to me in a language that only lovers speak and understand. It sings to me in a honeyed melody that only I can hear.  Italy loves me back.

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