Italian – the most musical language in the world – now playing at Central New Mexico Community College

Jan 01, 2015 1967

CNM returns from holiday break on January 5 and begins registration for Elementary Italian I offered by Rome native, Annalisa DiNola. Don't delay in taking advantage of this unique opportunity to start from scratch or brush up and hone your language skills.

An enthusiastic Annalisa explains, "The class will focus on communication skills and we will stress conversation and active exchange among students. Reading, writing and listening will also be part of the instruction and many aspects of Italian culture will be presented along the way.

Students will use a textbook entitled Avanti published by the McGraw Hill Company and accompanied by the most modern and effective digital solutions for language learning and language lab, including very useful and fun practice exercises." Classes begin on January 21 and run from 1:30p – 3:15p every Monday and Wednesday until May 7. The class number is LANG 1096 101. For information on how to register, read these brief instructions or call CNM at 505-224-3000.

Source: Italy in New Mexico

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