College student from Italy goes out of his way to visit Rockford

May 03, 2022 221

A native of Ferentino, Italy makes an impromptu stop in Rockford, Ferentino’s sister city. Matteo Cervoni was at a medical conference at Georgia Tech when he decided to end his first visit to the United States with a trip to Rockford. “I know a lot of people that come from my same country and he loves Ferentino,” says Cervoni.

Rockford and Ferentino became sister cities in 2006, the same year the Rockford Italian Sister City Alliance (RISCA) was established to bring natives from Ferentino to Rockford. Cervoni’s sister Alicia made the trip three years ago. “The fact that he wanted to come to St. Ambrogio Club, and you know, hanging out with the older generation, I think speaks highly of him and a generation coming up that respects that,” says RICSA President Dina Getty.

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