Taking Italy Out Of The Pasta Bowl

Oct 31, 2019 253


With over 29 years of experience, Damien O’Farrell is a professional, life, and expatriate coach, helping thousands of clients from individuals to corporations. Ultimate Italy is a one-day, once a year, intensive course reserved for 50 people to learn up-to-date quality information about the culture, job market and other necessary information “on how to live and work successfully in Italy.”

Damien, in this interview for Italics Magazine, not only explained several elements about relocating and living in Italy, but also that his mission is to fight stereotypes. “Often people want to move to Italy for an Italy that does not exist anymore. It is alright to hope to meet the perfect ‘Italian Boyfriend’, yet the spotlight of the frequent narrative among expatriates is tiring and repeated and should instead focus on those who are bringing a change to Italy.”

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SOURCE: https://italicsmag.com/

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