Danny Aiello, of ‘Do the Right Thing’ fame, dead at 86

Dec 13, 2019 1738

BY: Eric Hegedus

Oscar-nominated actor Danny Aiello, known for films including “Bang the Drum Slowly” and “The Godfather: Part II,” died Thursday night at age 86. Aiello, who received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for in Spike Lee’s 1989 drama “Do the Right Thing,” died at a New Jersey medical facility after an illness, according to TMZ.

Manhattan-born Aiello first rose to prominence playing Horse in the 1973 movie “Bang the Drum Slowly,” which co-starred Robert DeNiro, Michael Moriarty, Vincent Gardenia and Phil Foster. The next year, playing mobster Tony Rosato in “The Godfather: Part II,” he uttered the infamous line, “Michael Corleone says hello!” before putting Frankie Pentangeli (Michael V. Gazzo) in a choke-hold. 

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