10 Things You Didn’t Know About Susan Lucci

Jan 09, 2019 305

We’ve known and loved Emmy-Winning actress Susan Lucci for almost half a century now after her 41-year run on hit soap All My Children (1970-2011) playing the devious Erica Kane and starring role on Lifetime’s Devious Maids (2013-2016). Parade.com recently caught up with the still-very-active and nimble ‘Queen of Daytime TV,’ best-selling author and entrepreneur, who at age 71 credits a passion for Pilates for keeping her looking young, fit and fabulous. While the soft-spoken actress, laughing, said “I really feel people know so much about me”—here are 10 revelations that may surprise you.

1. Lucci loves knitting. “There was a time that I wanted to just get back to things I did growing up and I took knitting classes. I had to make three or 4 mittens to get two that looked similar, but I really enjoyed it! It’s grounding and very relaxing. When I was pregnant with my firstborn daughter, I bought some yarn, got home to knit and we’d lost electricity. Nobody would believe that Erica Kane was sitting knitting by candlelight.”

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SOURCE: https://parade.com

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