Slowear, for Italian Men’s Wear, Opens in SoHo

Oct 27, 2015 553

by Jon Caramanica

The other day, I was waiting for a text to let me know to leave the house to meet a person for a thing, but the person was late, or being made late, and so for about 20 minutes I was in a sort of limbo, a purgatory state between ready-to-go and out-the-door.

Confronted with a similar scenario, some people would respond to emails, shuffle through Spotify, catch up on "Little Women: L.A." — you know, the Styrofoam packing peanuts of life. Me? I got undressed, then dressed again. And again. What about this sweater with that shirt, or those socks with that jacket, or those sneakers with that scarf? 

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